Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nowhere To Go But Up

That really should be my life's mantra.
I finished my race and I'm proud of the way I ran, even though I didn't run as fast as I hoped for.
It was an extremely tough route, I'm not making excuses. But I think for my first race it was very ambitious.
I have to admit I was very disappointed with my placing in the race and my mile time. But honestly it only makes me want to try harder and do better. I have printed out my results and will keep them in a safe place until next year, when I put myself through that same torture again. Because I'm not satisfied with leaving it the way it is...and now I know what to expect.
There is a girl I know who ran it. She placed fifth over all females, first in her age group. I'm going to keep my eye on her. She is tall and lanky like me. She probably doesn't shovel as much junk food in her mouth as I do. I'm going to "man up" and start running with her. I was scared to at first and now I'm just in awe. I want to know what her secret is.
So I'm going for a run now, it's hills again today and I'm going to push myself. I'm going to pretend she's running with me.
I did love the race, I loved the finish line. I think I will do a few more 10k's and 5k's before the summer is over because I had a lot of fun!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's My Time

For five years now I have lived in this home,
and for five years I have woken up on the first Saturday of June and watched as a group of crazy people run passed my house.
The town that I live in is built into some rather large hills. The people of the town thought it would be fun to organize a run that went 3 miles up, then 3 miles down.
For five years I have cheered with my children for the people that are braving this run, and each year I have thought...maybe next year? Maybe next year I'll be strong enough to do that.
I have questioned my strength right up until the last minute, but last Tuesday I paid the $25 fee and now I WILL run this race.
After five years of wondering if I could ever do something like it I'm going to take the plunge.
It's my time now.