Thursday, January 28, 2010

Phase two:

So I've been pregnant, nursing, or caring for multiple toddlers for the past 9 years.
It's been a wonderful part of my life...watching one of my close friends go through it for the first time brings back memories.
That first positive pregnancy test.
The first time we told everyone.
Watching my belly grow.
Counting the days.
Reading anything I could get my hands on.
Worrying that my child would be deformed because I could only stomach fried foods.
The next three were just as special and exciting and surprising.
Growing a life is always a unique experience.
And watching these little ones grow has been no less surprising and unique.
As funny as it may sound, I love to pile them into my mini-van and they're all strapped in safely, and we're listening to music, and I catch glimpses of my children in my rear-view mirror.
They are wonders to me.

But they are growing, they are becoming more independent. Half of them can use the toilet without any help at all.
75% of them are attending a school of some sort for at least 2 days a week.
My baby has her first friend. Ruby.
And when all the stars align...when my four year old is in preschool and the other two are in grade school, Ruby's mom and I trade babies.
Ruby's mom goes to her class on Mondays.
I had the delicious delight of going back to my Yoga class this Wednesday.
I savored it, people. I drank it in as a woman who had been thirsty for years.
It's been 2 years since my last yoga class. But this time was even better. This time it was at 9:30 in the morning! A time usually spend playing puzzles or reading books, or doing the menial labor a mother must do to keep her house in some semblance of order.
It was wonderful. It was liberating. And during that first sun salutation I realized that my life was beginning to change. I was no longer that "young mom." I am a seasoned veteran. It's something I'm very proud of. I have wanted motherhood more than any other career this world has to offer. I'm good at what I do. I'm blessed to have been able to bear four healthy children.
But I'm on to phase two.
Phase two is the rearing of the brood, but this includes more time for me.
I'm dancing again, I'm practicing yoga again, and it feels so good saying hello to my body again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look Who's Dancin'

So after 15 years I've finally dusted off the ballet shoes (actually I invested in new ones, the old one had holes in the toes) I found a friend who handed graced a barre in 6 years and we signed up for a community Adult ballet class.

Now, let me tell you, "Adult ballet" can mean many things. My friend Elana thought it might mean a bunch of spry 18-20 year olds who were caught between graduating their dance schools and the real world. I was a little worried that it might be a bunch of geriatrics out trying on a tutu for the first time.

Thankfully it was neither. It is a class of late twenty to thirty-somethings dusting their off their own dance shoes.

So in loving memory of my early beginnings...a tribute...bare with me now...

Notice that arabesque? Not planned. That is innate talent right there. I'll admit I was not cut out for jock life. I was extremely puny as a youngster and always was picked last to play on any teams.

Yes, I enjoyed my leotards and tights. I hated the bangs my mom insisted I keep because of my high forehead. Today it would be considered very Zooey Deschanel.

For your viewing pleasure I'm posting a photo that still to this day makes me blush.
No girl should be forced to run around in a light blue spandex unitard. It is not flattering to any body type.

It's been fun. Now if only my turn-out were what it used to be.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Music Mondays

I have always loved music, I'm always looking for new bands to satisfy my cravings.

Mondays I will feature a band that is one of my current favorites.

Today I happen to be rediscovering...they have a song on Rock Band, they have a very famous YouTube video, but I can't help blasting them in my mini-van whenever the kids aren't in the car.

Check out Ok Go my favorites right now;
Bye Bye Baby
Crash the Party
Oh Lately it's So Quiet.

Granted it's not a band for you Josh Groban Fans.

I leave you with the video that launched their popularity...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogging it out.

I had a blog once. It was beloved and precious unto me. But too many people in my neighborhood started reading and getting nosy.

I prefer to blog to strangers, close friends, and acquaintances that I only see every once in awhile. It's fun. And if you don't get me, well, at least I don't get a weird look from you in the halls of my church building.

It's been almost a year of my little blogging hiatus. I've missed the writing aspect. I've missed keeping in touch with my friends this way. But I've enjoyed reading blogs so much more than I used to.

So to my friends, hi!

To strangers, welcome.

And to acquaintances, I hope I don't know you in real life, and if I do pretend you don't read me.