Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Never say Never

It's so the drama here.

My little sis is going through a divorce. Ouch. I've been there and it sucks.
I haven't been attentive. I suck.

My sons teacher wants me to meet with her, The Principle, The School Psychiatrist, The School Nurse, to discuss him and his needs and health problems.

My son has special needs alright. He needs an enthusiastic teacher. He needs kids to stop bullying him and saying unkind things.

What he has is two parents who have his back. We're ready. My husband is SO ready. I have to say that when I first received the e-mail I had a stomach ache for two days. Here we go again. They're going to tell me that there is something wrong with my son. They're going to tell me that I should medicate him. They're going to tell me they don't know what to do with him.
As a mother it's such a helpless feeling.
But I'm kind of excited to see my husband in action. Another reason why I count my blessings for such a supportive mate. He has an agenda. He's ready to go to battle for our boy.
He's a good kid, our oldest boy. He's sensitive, and kind to his siblings. He's got an artistic spirit like his Grandpa Keith. I love him so much. I want to wrap his sturdy body back under my wing and keep him there.

So lately I've been thinking of alternatives. I've never wanted to homeschool. Never. I didn't want it to take away from MY time. But I want to now. I want my son to feel joy in learning. I want to endless stream of worksheets to end. I want him to be able to delve into a good book and read until he's had his fill. I want him to feel safe in his learning environment.

It's definitely an option I'm going to stay open to. And yet again I learn never to say never.


  1. Oh Erin, I am so sorry you have to deal with this crap! Ugh! Kick some ars, my friend. My parents went through that with Brother #2 for years, and they firmly, together, decided against medication ONLY because the reason they wanted to medicate him was because he didn't fit in to the structure of the school system's learning style. They DID end up finding an enthusiastic teacher, who became their advocate and angel in this world.

    By the way, I think homeschool has some awesome aspects to it and am a huge fan.

    I am SO DEEPLY, deeply sorry to hear about your sis. My heart and guts and tears go out to her.

  2. I was telling her how I wished I could be her Rebecca. She's having a tough time. I will not be medicating Coby. I keep telling them, let's just assume he has it. What are some other options besides medication. I am for treating some chemical imbalances, depression, bi-polar, anxiety...but I don't feel that his level of ADD warrants medication.

  3. Proud of you guys for sticking to your guns. I can't even imagine the pressures you must be facing to medicate. Everything you've said about him reminds me of Sam.

    You're a sweetheart. I wish I could give her a Shana :) You've GOT to have that girlfriend or you'll die inside.

  4. Oh that last line is so powerful it gives me shivers...