Monday, March 22, 2010

That's Right I said it.

Here's a story about a girl who was fairly puny growing up.
I look at my daughter as she struggles to stay afloat in a swimming pool, or wrestle effectively with her Dad. There is NO muscle in those arms and legs. For now she's oblivious.
Every time her mother sees those appendages flail she is reminded of her struggles with her own puny body.
She remembers trying out for volleyball and basketball and always chosen last. She hid her anger. She knew the other girls didn't think she could play. She was puny. But she had something to prove. She stuck in out the full year of volleyball but was never really accepted as part of the team.
She sat alone on the bus to the games and watched the other girls sing songs and joke around. They were never mean to her, it was just like she wasn't there.
So recently when joining a team for this run she was questioned about her ability to finish the race, her seriousness to train and RUN the whole thing. She was doubted.
Little did the team captain know what kind of fire she had ignited.
"Bitch, not only will I run this race, but when I'm done you will say WOW. I didn't know she was so good."
Yeah. That's right. And that's what I think every day when I'm running and I want to stop.
I've been confronted by doubters, and they shall breath in my sweat and dust as I pass by.

For Music Monday what I would love is more inspirational running songs for my playlist.
I'm not speaking of Eye of the Tiger, that does nothing for me.
Here is my current playlist that will need to get longer as my running time increases;

Keep the Car Running and No cars Go~ Arcade Fire
21 Century Digital Boy~ Bad Religion
Single Ladies~Beyonce
I Dies~ Bif Naked
Viva La Vida~Cold Play
Sound of Pulling Heaven Down~Blue October
Song 2~Blur
Mint Car and Just Like Heaven~ The Cure
Debaser~ The Pixies
Pretty Much the whole Bleed America Album from Jimmy Eat World
Crash the Party, Invincible, Lately It's So Quiet and Do what you want~OK GO
My life would Suck without you~ Kelly Clarkson
Don't Let me Down~No Doubt
Mo' Money Mo' Problem~ Yes, the Notorious B.I.G.
Do Your Feet Hurt~ MxPx
Use Somebody~Kings of Leon

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