Friday, May 14, 2010

AM Running

I had my first early morning run yesterday.
I've been putting it off, sighting excuses that my body doesn't work that early.
I know most races start by at least 8am, and my race is 24 hours long, so I will be running at many different times. I'm the #10 position on my team, that means I will be running in the early evening to begin with (this is my zen time to run, I'm really looking forward to it.) Then in the wee hours of the night (again, I'm a night person, this will be a lot of fun for me.) But when it comes to the morning after, the run when we've been up all night in a van...I'm not sure how I will do. Lucky for me that's the easiest run of my three.
I would like to train my body to work at an earlier time of day.
Think how much house work I could get in whilst the little ones slept? I'm just not that disciplined.
But yesterday my run went better than expected. This I blame on my pride, and my wonderful friend Kati, who invited me to come along.
Kati has been running longer, she's done a marathon, she's a little faster but not intimidatingly so.
She also has mileage on me.
I ate an orange before I ran. Not a good idea. On the last mile home I was feeling that orange. My body was complaining. It was saying "why the heck are we running so dang early in the morning?!" I started to burp up orange. I had to concentrate on each landmark saying in my head that I would tell Kati I needed to walk after I reached that bridge, or that sign. I kept tricking my mind. Kati pulled ahead a few strides and I was losing confidence in myself.
And then I finally caught sight of the trail head. The finish line. I was able to give it everything I had and sprint to the trail head leaving Kati behind, though not by much. It felt really good.
We only ran about 4 miles, but I never stopped, and my body still had energy to push through in the end so I know I'm getting stronger. I love seeing little improvements in my body, they're what keep me going.
I really want to run the town 10k. It's always on my mind right now. But I'm scared. I haven't signed up yet. I'm afraid of coming it dead last. My friend Fawn actually did come in last in that race once. I know my kids will be watching since it runs past my house.
I don't want to be dead last. I'll settle for almost last.
I need to sign up for this race so I don't wuss out but we don't have the extra funds just yet.

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  1. Yeay! Congratulations on your early morning run! They get easier! :) Hope your shoes are working out well for you...