Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back in the Saddle...or in my case running shoes!

It took my body quite awhile to love running like my mind did.
I know, some people shudder at the very idea of it. To them I will say:
There comes a point after possibly months of frustration where your body can actually handle 30minutes of constant running, and after that maybe 40, then 50, and all of a sudden an hour has gone by and you can’t believe the ease at which your body can perform.
I don’t think I ever realized what a runner’s high was until I ran my first half marathon. I can say I ran myself into the ground that day. I didn’t think I’d make it to the car afterwards and I KNEW I would crash once I got home.
The weird part was when I tried to lay down for a nap that day and I could not sleep. My heart was racing, my blood was pumping. I felt so alive. I got up and cleaned my house, played with my kids. I felt great!
It’s been too long since I’ve gotten serious about running. I consciously took November and December off but started up again in January. It just wasn’t feeling good. Nothing was hurting specifically, just my whole body. I wasn’t getting the energy that I had from running previously. I felt run down and sick, like my body was on the verge of illness.
My throat started hurting, in a weird way. Like a big ball of mucus was pushing on my gag reflex. Some nights I would be in my bathroom gagging into the toilet or sink, unable to control it. We don’t have insurance so it was 10 weeks before I went to a walk-in clinic. When the nice doctor came in I broke down. It was embarrassing but I felt so relieved to be talking to someone. After seeing a few different doctors and getting my blood tested we have collectively diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism.
It’s taken me awhile to feel good. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like not to be tired. But I drive by this trail everyday where I had my first epic run. I can see myself in my trusty blue short and my tank top, knobby knees pounding the ground, arms flapping. That silly grin I can’t help wearing. I remember what it feels like to fly. I miss it. And there are only 15 weeks till my favorite race. I wouldn’t miss this race for all the normally functioning thyroids in the world.
Tomorrow will be my first day back to serious training. I can’t wait.

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