Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Reading

I love to read. I would curl up with a good book over any movie, any day...The problem I've had is finding enough books to keep me interested. I am usually in the midst of a few books at a time. Something historic, like George Washington's biography by Washington Irving sits on my shelf, I'm a few chapters in and I like to view books like this as school for myself. They aren't something I'd pick up first, and not a quick read, but I'm fascinated with the way this country runs and it's history. I blame West Wing for this. And I've always wanted to further my education, what better way than a book? I've made a commitment to myself that I would read a book about each American president. My dad is also a history buff and says that even though this biography might be harder and longer to read, it's probably the best choice for really knowing George Washington. King Rat by James Clavell is also on my shelf. I'm re-reading it. It's one of my favorites. I feel the need to re-read the books I already own and love. They look so lonely and unloved on my book shelves downstairs. I have to give them turns in my room on the little bookshelves near my bed, and remind them why I love them so. This book is one that I can read at least once every couple of years and be amazed again as the author takes me behind the scenes of a Word War II prison camp in Japan. Warning:It's not a light read, and there are many "grotesquities," as I like to call them. (I believe Christian Slater coined that phrase in the early nineties.) But this story does take place in a PRISON CAMP. Where men are packed in like sardines, food is scarce, and there is a hierarchy, only the most cunning and clever survive. Then I have my fluff pieces, these are the books that I can get through in 2 days, 3 at the most. Like written movies I feel the need to devour these books in one setting, much to my kitchen's dismay. The subject matter of these books varies, fluff to me doesn't mean poorly written, to me it is an easy read and an uncomplicated subject matter. Good guys, bad guys, conflicted love interest...It could be anything; a great mystery, a romance, historical fiction, science fiction. Okay there is a thread, they are all fictional. Here's what I read last night and this morning and you can read my review here. Let me say something about the Great and Dying book. I'm torn, I know moving to ebooks saves trees and space and printing, but there is something about seeing my books on the shelves, holding them in my hands, smelling the pages. I don't think I'll ever want that to change. All this talk about the death of the printed word saddens me. Lastly my book club book this month is Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass, I love my book club. I joined when I moved to this forsaken place (joking. This is a blessed land, but the weather sucks.) and I've been going every month since. Our core group of women love reading and they all bring something to the table. I love my book club ladies like I love my books. And we aren't exclusive, anyone is invited to join. I'll be posting more often about the books I'm reading. Share with me your favorites!

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