Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How I Run and have Epiphanies.

This is me, having an epiphany. They happen all the time and each time I make my husband lift me heavenward. He is getting very strong.

I do many things differently from the rest of the world so of course when it comes to running I am also a weirdo.
I live in the great Northwest. It’s cold here. I’m cold on a daily basis. I miss bare feet. I miss working up a sweat. I miss seeing my legs.
Yet day after day I see these runners in shorts, t-shirts, and little else. My sister is one such runner…
“Kacee, it’s FREEZING! Don’t you want a jacket? A sweatshirt? Something?”
“No,” she always replies. “I’m a little cold now but I hate to run in too much. Clothes bother me when I’m running.”
I think she thinks she’s odd, but the more I observe other runners the more I know I’m the odd woman out. I do not like to be cold. Not the least little bit. If my hands feel the least bit breezy it can distract me from a good run.
I know, I picked an odd place to raise a family.
When I set out my door and head down the hill I like coverage. Let me paint a picture of what this means…
This evening I left my house at 7:04pm, it was a balmy 46 degrees, scattered clouds, the world had been freshly sprinkled with spring rain. I wore; my ¾ spandex running pants, my warm up pants over those, socks, shoes, my comfy nylon running t-shirt and my fleece/spandex jacket with my hood on and a pair of gloves.
I didn’t even start to feel warmed up till mile 3, I didn’t take my gloves off till mile 4 and when I returned home by mile 5 my face was just starting to feel a little warm.
Now if it’s raining I add a beany under my hood and possibly a poncho over my jacket.
If it’s below 40 degrees I wear my full length compression pants under my warm up pants. If it’s closer to 35 than 40 I don’t go running.
Also, I run with music. Some runners say they can meditate better without it but I have always been a music lover and music helps me do anything better, including running, cleaning, meditating and writing.
Today while I was running I had a few epiphanies. I was reflecting on the day and feeling guilty about what I hadn’t accomplished. Then I decided it was okay to feel guilty as long as I was moving forward and trying to better myself. But it’s also important not to feel overwhelmed with goals. Start small. So I decided on 2 small habits I wanted to integrate into my life. Just 2, and they are very easy things I can attain and feel better about my days.
It made me feel happy, and hopeful, and then by the end of my run the sun was setting and it was glorious to behold and all felt right in the world. Even if I am a little odd.
Happy springtime everyone! What inspires you?

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  1. ha, erin, you make me laugh :)
    so what were your epiphanies??